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ceo & co-founder
NPA 40 UNDER 40 2020

Ethan Glass

A firm believer that a rising tide raises all ships, Ethan largely credits the industry’s inclusiveness for helping Ocra successfully pivot from being an event parking operator to developing the industry’s first omni-channel management platform. Ethan’s background ranges from design and project management to sales and fundraising. Under his leadership, Ocra raised a seed round backed by many parking industry leaders and has since grown exponentially whilst staying lean, without compromising the Ocra vision.

coo & co-founder
NPA 40 UNDER 40 2021

Nate Dunning

Nate entered the parking world when he decided to forego his last two years of college to pursue Ocra full time. While working alongside Ethan as an event parking operator, Nate experienced immense fragmentation and disorganization on the supply side and began strategically assessing product market fit for the industry’s first true omni-channel management platform. Nate brings his experience in growth, customer acquisition, and operations management from working at Afiniti, an AI unicorn based out of Washington, DC.

technical project manager & Founding Member

Leo Connelly

A founding member of the Ocra team, Leo started his parking career in 2019, joining Ethan and Nate in parking cars for events around the LA Coliseum. Over time, Leo realized the urgent need for software that helps operators manage the complexities of their business. Leo’s early initiatives include leading user research, developing a true disciplined UX process, and designing early features from scratch. Today, Leo is a core member of Ocra’s engineering team who builds innovative B2B software and identifies opportunities for growth.

Chief technology officer

Garth Boyst

Garth has 20+ years of diverse industry experience. He spent nearly a decade at Microsoft working on Windows XP, Windows Server, Visual Studio and Bitlocker. While at National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST), he worked on quantum key distribution (QKD) systems, and his team held the world record for longest open air creation of a quantum encryption key using lasers. In his spare time, he enjoys building guitar amplification and effects, cooking, and traveling the world with his family.

NPA 40 UNDER 40 2021

Chris Everton

How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. Chris has taken this approach over 15+ years in the parking industry, always thinking of solutions many say are too big or complicated and finding ways to simplify and implement. He has experience in most areas of the industry, including valeting, deploying proprietary software, managing multi-site operations, and building national growth partnerships. At Ocra, Chris focuses on platform improvement to help partners succeed in today’s expanding e-commerce marketplaces.

NPA 40 UNDER 40 2018

Sarah Becherer

Sarah has 13+ years of experience in developing programming for demand generation, brand awareness, and customer acquisition for fast-growing B2B tech companies in industries including e-commerce, proptech, and mobility. Today, as Vice President of Growth at Ocra, she leads growth strategy and execution for showing (not just telling!) the outcomes of Ocra for parking operators and their technology partners. When she’s not “parketing”, Sarah likes to make pasta, study French, accumulate tattoos, and explore unfamiliar places.


Travis Miller

Travis has over 20 years experience as a full-stack developer in a variety of industries – including custom application development, e-commerce, e-learning, digital marketing, and publishing. Although not a UI specialist by training, he particularly enjoys building clean, intuitive interfaces for users to interact with and has created over 400 websites in his career. He joins Ocra as the head of front-end engineering, specializing in the Vue framework. In his free time, Travis enjoys hiking, craft beer, and reading about history and culture.


Trae Wallace

Trae has spent his career using data to solve a variety of problems. Most recently, he was Head of Data at Talus Analytics where he worked on modeling, data visualization, and web development for clients focused on public health and natural disasters, including the CDC, NTI Bio, and Georgetown University. Prior to that, Trae tackled more traditional business operations challenges for an assortment of early- to mid-stage technology companies. He kicked off this process with a long stint consulting at Bain & Company, both before and after earning his MBA from MIT Sloan.

NPA 20 UNDER 40 2020

Avarie Anderson

With a passion for real estate, Avarie eventually fell into the parking world and found love for an industry on the forefront of major modernization. Working as an operator for 6 years, she saw the good, the bad and the ugly and set out to be among those who changed it for the better. Focusing on data analytics and accuracy in trends, rates, forecasting, financials and operations, Avarie has a drive to help bring the parking industry to a new standard.

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