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Static Inventory vs. Universal Inventory: Ocra Parking Operations Solution Spotlight

Ocra solution spotlight: Universal Inventory!

Let’s dive into how this solution works for operators & owners.

But first, a quick breakdown of “static inventory” vs. “Universal Inventory“, which are terms used to describe the two models (the former outdated, and the latter dynamic) for inventory management for operators/owners using (or wanting to use) multiple aggregators.

Static Inventory

When you determine how many spaces you want to make available online and then divvy up that lump sum among aggregators (ex., selling 500 total spaces online and giving 200 to aggregator X and 300 to aggregator Y).

Universal Inventory

When you determine how many spaces you want to make available online and then keep all of those spaces in one big bucket for infinite aggregators to move, dynamically removing each space from the bucket as it sells.

What does Universal Inventory solve for operations & owners?

✦ Hitting a revenue ceiling with higher-performing aggregators

✦ Leaving $$$ on the table with lower-performing aggregators

✦ Needing to carve out time during the day to check in & reallocate inventory based on demand patterns, which burns time and resources

And what’s the benefit for aggregators/demand channels?

✦ If you can sell it, it’s yours to sell.

✦ No revenue ceiling; more opportunity for profit.

If you’re an operator/owner who doesn’t have someone internally to manage multiple aggregators all day, this enables you to effectively do so.

And if you do, you can take work off their plate and focus their efforts elsewhere to make a bigger impact!

Identifying the Need in the Market

We built the first iteration of the Ocra platform for ourselves when we were event parking operators selling spaces around the LA Coliseum.

This was a solution that prevented us from hitting revenue ceilings with aggregators, improperly managing inventory, and leaving money on the table – all while operating as a lean team.

Today, we continue to iterate on this solution, adding more integration partners through sophisticated custom APIs, as well as improving the user interface and the data served up in real time to make the operator/owner’s life easier and unlock new revenue opportunities.

If you want to learn more, check out this 3-page overview PDF.

Or email us the team: info@getocra.com.

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