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SpotHero IQ Floors and Ceilings Now Integrated With Ocra’s Platform

We’ve added more rate controls to the Ocra platform!

Ocra has partnered with SpotHero to integrate IQ Floors and Ceilings into our centralized management platform, building on the pre-existing ability to manage standard rates.

With Ocra + SpotHero’s integration, operators leveraging SpotHero IQ for dynamic pricing can set Floors and Ceilings (minimum and maximum pricing thresholds) from the Ocra platform.

Upon configuration in Ocra, Floors and Ceilings are immediately applied to SpotHero IQ.

Why did Ocra & SpotHero build this integration?

Any parking operator who’s leveraging one or more aggregators (such as SpotHero) would tell you that setting and adjusting rates that respond to/anticipate fluctuations in demand within each channel’s consumer base is what produces the higher-quality outcomes.

But in the real world, there may be operational challenges that stand in the way of that.

System fragmentation, lagging data, or not having someone on staff with the bandwidth to manage it all can make the task of constantly logging into multiple platforms to manage rates an near-impossible one.

What are the results?

Centralization, standardization, and operational efficiency.

Operators using Ocra can now control IQ Floors and Ceilings from the one place that they log into every day to manage rates, inventory, blackouts, and reporting across of their demand channels/aggregators.

How do I get started?

Are you an operator using Ocra and SpotHero/SpotHero IQ?

We can turn this feature on for you right away! Contact us at info@getocra.com.

Are you an operator using Ocra and SpotHero, but not SpotHero IQ?

If you’re not changing rates as often as you’d like, you can see additional yield from using SpotHero IQ an additional pricing solution.

By logging into Ocra, the same place that you accomplish the rest of your tasks, you can maintain control over your rates by setting pricing parameters using Floors and Ceilings for the pricing that SpotHero IQ generates.

You can contact your SpotHero account rep to learn more about SpotHero IQ.

Not using aggregators, or using other aggregators but not SpotHero?

Our team of consumer demand channel management experts can rapidly get you up and running with new channels so you see results fast.

Ocra and SpotHero are partners, so you can reach out to either of our teams to get started with online reservations and dynamic pricing through SpotHero.


Request a custom demo.