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PIE 2023 Panel: Parking Perspectives From Young Leaders

This article shares more information on a panel at Parking Industry Exposition 2023 in Schaumburg, Illinois from March 28–30. A slightly edited version was originally published on Parking Today’s website.

Today’s generation of parking business leaders and founders are introducing fresh eyes, vibrant ideas, and infectious enthusiasm to our industry. 

The most successful and inspiring among them aren’t simply barging in to create change for change’s sake; rather, their goal is to learn from how the industry has operated in the past and work hand-in-hand with long-time parking professionals to transform the future.

As their voices become more prominent and more influential in how we talk and think about parking’s growth and evolution, we recognize how much there truly is to learn from today’s leaders as they accelerate progress and put plans into action. 

We’re proud and excited to enable them to use this lively panel at Parking Industry Exposition 2023 as a stage for sharing their perspectives.

Moderated by Sarah Becherer, Vice President of Product & Partnerships at Ocra, panelists include Ethan Glass, CEO of Ocra, Josh Douglas, Business Strategy & Operations Lead at Douglas Parking, and Matt Fahlman, CEO & Co-Founder at Offstreet.

In this conversation, these leaders will share:

  • How they first entered the parking industry
  • Why they’re energized about the future of parking
  • Lessons they’ve learned from their mentors and partners
  • The biggest challenges they see ahead, and how they’re planning to tackle them

In addition to sharing their personal journeys, they’ll also take on some big strategic questions, including (but not limited to):

  • How are you growing a business that will stand the test of time as the industry continues to undergo transformation?
  • What are the metrics and indicators that you use to measure success?
  • How do you ensure product market fit/evaluate how well you’re addressing the challenges and meeting the unique needs of our industry?
  • With the skill-sets among parking operators and technology professionals becoming increasingly transferable, what skills do you think are most important for someone entering parking right now to have?
  • What do you think is the key to building relationships in this industry?

Your participation is invited and encouraged. This is an open space for all attendees to contribute their unique perspectives. Our panelists look forward to engaging with you in real-time conversation.

We hope that you’ll leave this panel with:

  • Inspiring stories from young leaders transforming the industry
  • Valuable, tactical insights into how they measure success
  • Understanding of how they’re developing their perspectives on our industry’s unique challenges and opportunities for growth
  • An open door to continue conversations and connect with next-gen leaders

We hope to see you in the crowd! If you haven’t yet registered for Parking Industry Exposition 2023, you can learn more and do so here. And once you’re signed up, contact Chris (chris@getocra.com) and Ethan (ethan@getocra.com) to book some time with the crew.

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