Parking software for universal rate & inventory management.

Ocra is for parking operators and asset owners to manage rates, inventory, blackouts, and reporting for infinite aggregators. 

If you’re in the business of owning or operating parking assets, Ocra has a solution for you.

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When one of us wins, we all win. Let’s explore what we can do together.

I'm a parking operator.

Manage aggregators more efficiently & maximize yield with optimized rate structures.

I'm an asset owner.

Sell parking for ancillary revenue (whether or not you're working with parking operators).

My company drives demand for parking.

Get access to 100% of the operator's online inventory & sell it before your competitors do.

I want to add functionality to my platform.

White-label and embed our full platform, or integrate specific solutions using Ocra's rails.


Ocra builds integrations.

Our engineers build and maintain sophisticated integrations with consumer demand channels and digital parking platforms, removing siloes and teaching them all to speak the same language.


Centralize aggregator management & maximize yield per space.

  • Widely distribute your inventory & let the channels compete to sell it at the best rates

  • React faster to the market and make pricing micro-adjustments to maximize yield

  • Adjust rates across infinite customer demand channels in just one click

  • Centralize reporting and lighten your administrative load

  • Leverage the the most advanced permissioning in the industry (at a user and location level)


Grow NOI by monetizing parking assets.

  • Increase NOI by monetizing parking assets, even just a few spaces

  • Diversify your revenue streams to remove dependencies

  • Win in the online space and position your parking assets competitively

  • Use demand channels to convert customers without spending thousands on marketing

  • Leverage our massive unique data sets to optimize rates and maximize yield


Unlock the supply to meet the demand.

  • Sell as much as you can – don’t be boxed in by inventory limits and hit a revenue ceiling

  • Decrease supply acquisition costs

  • Increase total addressable market

  • Give your customers more options with more locations on your platform

  • Get integrations accomplished with our flexible APIs – we work with you to get it done, whatever it takes!


Expand your functionality with our flexible APIs.

  • Plug our entire platform into your own your user interface (we hand you the code, you drop it in) and white-label with your brand

  • Select from our solutions à la carte and design your own user interface

  • Use our one-to-many APIs to communicate with other companies instead of building your own from scratch

  • Increase productivity by removing data silos

We build & maintain integrations between disconnected systems so that all parties see upside from day one.

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