Sell your spots for optimal value.

Ocra enables widespread distribution of your available inventory, no extra work required.

Improve productivity.

Save time and scale fast with one platform for all of your tasks.

Connect your technologies.

Technology integrations are complex. They're expensive and time-consuming to build and maintain. This is what we specialize in.

Centralize reporting.

Instead of manually consolidating reports from multiple channels, get a bird's eye view with Ocra. Customize, automate, and take action.

Effectively manage rates.

Get it all done in one click. With Ocra, you can make adjustments to all of your rates from within one centralized platform.

Get unlimited users at no extra cost.

Leverage the most granular permissioning in the industry to give everyone in your organization the right level of access, at the user or location level.

Avoid underselling & overselling.

Finally give 100% of your inventory to all of your demand channels. Each has an equal opportunity to sell your spots, and Ocra prevents overselling.

Make flexibility your superpower.

Ocra's modular platform integrates with what you have. Use our front-end or keep your own; we'll make magic happen behind the scenes.


Universal Inventory

It’s nearly impossible for your team to manage every single reservation across a multitude of customer demand channels.

So we built Universal Inventory.

Here’s how it works:

  • We allocate a specific amount of inventory across all your channels.
  • When a space sells, Ocra’s automatically removes it from the pool.
  • Until that space sells, each of your channels are racing to sell it.

Increase your bottom line.

Effectively manage your inventory to a default outcome: higher yield.

Own your customer.

We don't market to or price spaces for customers. We're a pure B2B platform that sits between you and your countless technologies.

Don't leave anything on the table.

Respond quickly to changes in the market to grab more margin on each space. Make updates using Ocra from anywhere, at any time.

Easily manage rates & availability.

Adjust rates across demand channels in real time. Utilize actionable insights within the Ocra platform to glean the highest yield per spot.

Market your spaces at no cost.

Get more eyes on your inventory by marketing through, say, a dozen customer demand channels instead of two – no extra work required.

View rates in your neighborhood.

In a glance, see what rates look like in your microclimate so that you can price competitively.

Create a win-win-win.

With Ocra, everyone involved is incentivized to maximize profit. When one of us wins, we all win.


One-Click Rate Adjustment

One-click rate adjustment makes one of the most arduous parts of utilizing multiple channels – setting and changing rates, which you need to do individually in each seller portal – so much easier.

Ocra is the one place to sign on to manage rates across all of your customer demand channels, all at once, in just a single click.

See how Colonial Airport Parking grew online sales by 197% and revenue by 35% in the first 30 days using Ocra.

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