Manage infinite aggregators in just 20 minutes per day.

Log into just one platform to manage rates and inventory across infinite consumer demand channels.

Desilo data for better control & visibility.

Centralize rates and inventory across all your demand channels in one platform.

Defragment your tech stack.

Technology integrations are expensive and time-consuming to build and maintain. This is what we specialize in.​

Centralize rate management.

Get it all done in one click. With Ocra, you can make adjustments to all of your rates from within one centralized platform.​

Eliminate oversolds.

Finally give 100% of your inventory to all of demand channels. They compete to sell, and Ocra prevents overselling.​

Synchronize reporting.

Instead of manually consolidating reports, bundle it all with Ocra. Customize, automate, and take action.​

Add unlimited users.

At no extra cost, with advanced permissioning. Give everyone in the right level of access by the user or location level.​

Fully control blackouts.

Set or modify blackouts for across all demand channels in just one click, instead of doing it channel by channel.​

solution spotlight

Universal Inventory

It’s nearly impossible for your team to manage every single reservation across a multitude of consumer demand channels.

So we built Universal Inventory.

You allocate your desired total amount of spaces that’ll be available through all of your demand channels, and we keep it all in one pool. 

When a space sells, we automatically remove it from that pool.

Until that space sells, each of your channels are racing to sell it.

React to the market & increase revenue.

Effectively manage your online business to a default outcome: higher yield.

Own your customer.

We don't sell to consumers. We're a pure B2B platform that sits between you and your countless technologies.​

Optimize pricing structures.

Use real-time data in Ocra's centralized reporting dashboard to set variable pricing and maximize yield per stall.​

React to the market faster.

Respond quickly to changes in the market to grab more margin on each space. Make updates from anywhere, at any time.​

Spend less on marketing.

Get more eyes on your inventory by marketing through more consumer demand channels – no extra work or $$$ required.​

Make the sellers compete.

Universal Inventory gives every channel access to 100% the spots you put online and lets them compete to sell it first.​

Create a win-win-win.

With Ocra, all parties involved are incentivized to maximize profit. When one of us wins, all of us win.​


Operators see results with Ocra.

With Ocra’s Optimized Product Structures, a leading national parking operator saw huge results within two weeks, including:

  • 103% increase in online revenue
  • Higher per-space turnover
  • Shorter advanced booking window
  • 2 new consumer segments converting at optimized rates
  • 4x increase in reservation volume

solution spotlight

Blackout Control

Ocra eliminates the pain of logging into individual demand channels’ seller consoles to set and modify blackouts (or having to contact your account exec to do it for you!).

Blackouts go into effect immediately across all channels.

Set permissioning on the per-location and per-user level for viewing/controlling when blackouts are live, expired, or deleted.


Not using aggregators?

Aggregators spend marketing dollars on getting your locations in front of parkers who want to book online.

With Ocra, you’ll get up and running fast and see immediate upside with your new program.

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