FOR DEMAND channels

Instantly unlock more inventory.

Ocra amplifies the relationship between operators and companies that drive consumer demand for parking.

Get the supply to meet the demand.

We get you access to more inventory so you can do what you do best: selling it.

Provide more options to your customers.

Attract, convert, and retain more consumers by increasing the number of facilities available through your platform. ​

Remove the revenue ceiling.

Operators using Ocra distribute all of their e-commerce inventory through all demand channels at once. Sell it first, it's yours.

Accomplish integrations with our APIs.

Don't have the infrastructure to build API integrations with us? That's okay, we work with you to execute in a flexible way.​

Decrease supply acquisition costs.

No more tasking your reps with one-off calls to operators to onboard just a few more spots. Ocra unlocks it all.​

Increase total addressable market.

More inventory = more opportunity. Instantly unlock 100% of the e-commerce space that operators make available.​

Rely on us as your true partner.

We will craft a custom partnership with you to ensure that you're getting the highest ROI on time spent with us.​


Team up with the integrations experts.

Our team is as fluent in tech as we are in parking, and we know how critical it is to stay flexible and iterative where these industries intersect.

Let’s talk through your needs and technical requirements. Then we can engineer a way to work together that results in a win-win-win – for you, for your operator partners, and for the industry.

How does Ocra work for parking operators?

Request a custom demo.​