Increase NOI by selling parking spaces (even just a few).

Parking assets represent incremental revenue for asset owners. Get started with selling them online with Ocra.

Monetize your parking assets.

Online parking sales is a powerful ancillary revenue stream for asset owners.

I'm an asset owner working with parking operators at some/all of my locations.

I'm an asset owner not currently working with parking operators at any of my locations.

I'm a parking operator working with asset owners to monetize their parking assets.


Why sell parking online?

In areas where parking is in high demand or hard to find, millions of consumers use mobile apps or websites to reserve and pay for a spot ahead of time.

By listing an easily-configurable percentage of their parking inventory on these channels, Ocra helps asset owners capture consumer demand for parking near airports, venues, commerce centers, and more.


Grow NOI by adding new demand channels.

Increase NOI by adding new consumer demand channels – no extra work on the asset owner's or operator's plates.

  • Create a wider customer funnel.
    Add channels to get locations in front of more consumers, and only pay commission on revenue earned.

  • Efficiently manage your program.
    Adjust pricing and inventory across infinite demand channels within Ocra’s centralized control panel.

  • Use data to maximize yield.
    Leverage our massive unique data sets and our team’s deep expertise to optimize rates based on demand.

for assets witHOUT PARKING operators

Activate parking as an ancillary revenue stream.

We sit between the demand channels and the asset ownership team to start monetizing their parking assets.

  • Win in the online space.
    With a mix of parking expertise, sophisticated software, and real-time analytics.

  • Lower your customer acquisition cost (CAC).
    Use demand channels to create repeat customers without spending thousands on marketing.

  • Diversify your revenue streams.
    By opening up multiple revenue channels, you can remove dependencies on individual companies.

Everyone on the Ocra team provides different insights and mindsets. We love to hear their thoughts and run through opportunities and priorities for our active portfolio.

They’re honest and candid, and they’re able to see parking through the lens of an owner.

David Meister

Director, Acquisitions & Development

MCR Hotels

We build and maintain integrations with leading demand channels so that asset owners experience upside from day one.

We handle 99% of the workload.

Even if it’s just a few spaces, our team of parking experts can put them to work for you.

Start on a per-location basis.

Ocra is risk-free – start with just one location. We’ll immediately start generating traction, analyzing data, and making pricing recommendations.

Get up & running fast.

Through our platform integrations and partnership network, asset owners can plug into multiple demand channels in less time than it takes to set them up individually.

Maximize NOI per location.

We leverage our enterprise portfolio and partnerships with the channels to get asset owners better commissions so that they can maximize NOI.

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