Maximize aggregator revenue without overbooking.

Manage rates, inventory, reporting, and blackouts across infinite aggregators with Ocra’s centralized platform.

Universal off-airport aggregator management.

One platform for rate changes, inventory management, & reporting across all aggregators.

Make the channels compete.

Give all aggregators access to 100% of your inventory. This allows them to compete and removes the revenue ceiling for high performers.

Change rates faster.

No more logging into separate seller consoles: manage all rates in a single dashboard. Rate changes go into effect in real time.

Eliminate oversolds.

Maximize your lot without over-allocating inventory or needing to shut off a channel when inventory sells elsewhere.


Rate Management

Off-airport operators tend to change rates more than any other type of operator.

One-click rate adjustment functionality lets you change rates across multiple aggregators in one click.

Centralized report gives you a birds-eye view of transaction activity for all of your aggregators at once.

Distribute inventory without overselling.

Put all of your inventory in one “bucket” and let the aggregators compete to sell it. Once a space sells, Ocra dynamically removes it from all other channels, so turning off channels is never mandatory.

Change your rates quickly across aggregators.

Airport parking demand fluctuates. So do your rates! Adjust pricing as frequently as needed, across channels and in real time, with centralized rate management.

Add new channels to attract new customers.

More channels = more transactions = higher revenues. With Ocra, scaling requires virtually no work on your end. Our team partners with the aggregators directly and handles 99% of the workload. 


Own or operate off-airport hotel lots?

Our team and technology supports operators managing off-airport hotel facilities as well as hotel asset owners.

Increase parking revenue at off-airport hotels by scaling with new aggregators and managing rates and inventory for your current stack more efficiently.

solution spotlight

Universal Inventory

Don’t: Split up your total online inventory into finite amounts to sell through each aggregator.

Do: Use Ocra to make 100% of your online inventory available through all aggregators at once so they can race to sell it.

When a spot books through one aggregator, we automatically remove it from the others, so there’s no risk of selling the same spot twice.

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