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Ocra Now Supports Rate Management for SpotHero Flex Rates

Ocra now supports rate structure management for SpotHero Flex Rates in our centralized parking rate and inventory management platform.

This integration creates a real-time trigger from Ocra to SpotHero so that Ocra users can set up a new structure or make changes to an existing one in Ocra and see it go into effect instantly in SpotHero.

Together, Ocra and SpotHero introduce a new Flex Rates management workflow for operators, in addition to the existing process of contacting SpotHero Support to manage rates.

What does this mean for parking operators using Ocra?

  • Instantaneous implementation of new Flex Rates structures
  • More control over existing Flex Rates structures

What is Ocra?

Ocra is a B2B software-as-a-service platform for anyone responsible for increasing parking revenue/NOI of their parking assets using multiple demand channels, such as aggregators.

Ocra is the most efficient way for operators and owners to:

  • Create one big “bucket” of inventory for the channels to race to sell instead of statically allocating inventory (50 spaces for Channel A, 25 spaces for Channel B, etc.)
  • Optimize rates based on proprietary data points such as Advanced Booking Window
  • Capitalize on events or other periods of finite demand with Spot Rates, instead of temporarily changing “350 days/year” (standard) rate structures and having to change them back

Our mission is to be the API layer of the parking industry, connecting systems, standardizing data, and surfacing it all within one easy-to-use platform.

What are SpotHero Flex Rates?

According to SpotHero’s website:

“Flex Rates by SpotHero is a flexible pricing solution for our parking partners that generates incremental revenue by transforming traditional, static rate bands into full rate coverage with a pricing option for every type of parker.”

Flex Rates allows operators to control rates with personalized inputs for custom rates bands for any day of the week, accounting for each facility’s unique needs.

To learn more about Flex Rates, contact rates@spothero.com.

How do I get started?

Ocra’s platform currently supports SpotHero’s Flex Rates. If you’re a current customer who has questions, or if you’d like to kick off a convo, contact us: support@getocra.com.


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