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Ocra Employee Spotlight: Meagan McKinnon, Director of Operations

Ocra’s team members are proven leaders in the parking industry!

We represent a diversity of perspectives and experiences, with backgrounds including parking & mobility revenue management, operations, strategy, customer experience, marketing, data & analytics, and business development.

Some of us have been around for a decade plus (looking at you, Chris Everton & Corey Jennings), some are relatively new to the scene, and the rest of us fall somewhere in between.

Today we’re profiling Meagan McKinnon, Director of Operations.

Her parking career started 8 years ago, in 2016, as a call center agent with ParkWhiz, one of the leading consumer parking demand channels in North America.

Through ParkWhiz’s transition to Arrive and subsequent acquisition by FLASH, Meagan’s career evolved from customer support to expanding service offerings for customers and empowering them through education.

Let’s learn a little bit about Meagan, in her own words!

Hey, Meagan! Can you tell us what you’re proud of in your parking journey so far?

Throughout my parking career, starting in 2016 as a call center agent with ParkWhiz, I’ve had the opportunity to build many positive and productive relationships with folks across all sectors of the industry: from operators to aggregators to tech companies along with all of the consumers in between.

In leadership positions at ParkWhiz/Arrive, I played a critical role in projects that enabled and scaled the digital transformation of parking.

This included taking new products to market including “creative solutions” for touch-free access during COVID; most notably, I was at the forefront of the go-to-market team for Arrive’s Touchless Scan To Pay.

Additionally, I supported multiple Mergers & Acquisitions, bringing diverse solutions and perspectives to the US market through initiatives like implementing remote and offshore business models to expand Arrive’s service offering to clients and consumers.

I believe in empowerment through education and have facilitated the open exchange of information between operators, asset owners and consumers whenever possible, thus exemplifying a collaborative approach to evolving this industry.

What’s your philosophy on leadership, and how do you practice it in the parking industry?

As a leader, I’m not afraid to get my hands dirty.

I joined the industry as a call center agent but rapidly worked my way up to leadership, eventually coming to manage all aspects of digital operations at ParkWhiz/Arrive and overseeing a team of 130 people.

In that role, I implemented standards and processes that measurably increased consumer demand for our clients’ parking facilities.

I’ve hired and mentored dozens of people who were new to the parking industry, many of whom are now in leadership positions themselves (and was mentored myself by one of the best in the business: Todd Tucker!).

Advocacy, inclusivity, and amplifying the voices of folks working in the industry is really important to me.

People want to stay at and meaningfully contribute to workplaces where they feel valued, respected, and unafraid to show up as themselves.

In all of my previous roles and today as Director of Operations at Ocra, that’s the environment that I continually work to foster.  

Parking is changing every day! How do you envision your role in its evolution?

I work with the people with boots on the ground to move mountains using data, systems, and technology that improve their operating rhythms and let them focus on their core business: parking cars.

Parking is very much a part of the community; it impacts how people experience the neighborhoods where they live and work. I want to do everything that I can to give operators the largest possible bandwidth to serve those people and communities.

I’m committed to continuous improvement and always ready to shift gears.

In my mind, a hallmark of a strong leader is maintaining focus on quality and consistency in the midst of fluctuation and transformation.

Quality is my north star: quality of the product and brand that I represent, quality of life for operators, quality of the parking experience for consumers.

As I continue to evolve as a leader in this industry, I’ll use my voice to emphasize the importance of accessibility and diversity in both parking and technology.

Ultimately, parking is a people-first industry, and I’ll hold myself and others accountable to putting one another first and growing empathy through interaction. 

Want to connect with Meagan?

You can find her on LinkedIn or at meagan@getocra.com.

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