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Ocra Employee Spotlight: Corey Jennings, Revenue Optimization Manager

Ocra’s team members are proven leaders in the parking industry!

We represent a diversity of perspectives and experiences, with backgrounds including parking & mobility revenue management, operations, strategy, customer experience, marketing, data & analytics, and business development.

Some of us have been around for a decade plus (looking at you, Chris Everton!), some are relatively new to the scene, and the rest of us fall somewhere in between.

Today we’re profiling Corey Jennings, Revenue Optimization Manager.

Corey has 11+ years of experience in the parking and mobility industries, having managed almost every type of operation from healthcare to commercial.

His focus throughout his career has been maximizing revenue for parking assets through the use of traditional and non-traditional demand channels, previously at operators (including Ace Parking, 717 Parking Enterprises, and Lanier Parking) and today for Ocra’s clients.

During his years as an parking operator, he discovered that taking actions that result in direct increases in revenue for clients and shareholders is an incredibly rewarding experience.

Let’s learn a little bit about Corey, in his own words!

Howdy, Corey! Can you tell us what you’re proud of in your parking journey so far?

I’ve had the opportunity to make a multifaceted impact on the parking industry, first as an operator for 10+ years and now on the technology side with Ocra.

What started out as a fun job valeting cars in college has blossomed into a lifelong career!

Because I started out at the ground level and grew organically as an operator, I’m able to identify and solve a variety of problems that exist and emerge within our industry (ex. fragmentation) as parking technologies improve.

In my operator days, I was a major supporter of the shift to gateless/scan2pay and higher utilization of solutions for online payments and channel aggregation.

Today in my role at Ocra, I oversee revenue optimization and work closely with operators and owners to ensure that they are getting the maximum benefit from our system and achieving the best results for their assets listed on demand channels.

This has a massive impact on the industry as a whole because when operators and owners see the true value of listing their assets online for customers to purchase ahead of time, we encourage driving and parking as a viable transportation option for more people without congesting the roadways with more vehicles searching for a spot.

I believe in empowerment through education and have facilitated the open exchange of information between operators, asset owners and consumers whenever possible, thus exemplifying a collaborative approach to evolving this industry.

What’s your philosophy on leadership, and how do you practice it in the parking industry?

Throughout my tenure in the industry, I have constantly challenged myself and the organizations that I work for to think outside of the box.

In my operator days, I drove major revenue projects and technology implementations while also being actively involved with the local community. I always try to do not only what makes profit but also what improves the parking experience for the community as a whole.

I always encourage and support my teams to develop and implement new ideas, which has afforded me the opportunity to develop and work on some amazing teams of incredibly talented people in our industry.

As a leader, I work to foster a culture where everyone is comfortable being themselves.

Teams of happy and motivated people who feel like they can be their most authentic selves at work perform at their peak and shatter records together.

Parking is changing every day! How do you envision your role in its evolution?

Ocra is building the API layer of the parking industry to create connectivity between technologies that currently don’t speak the same language.

Being part of that team is really important to me because we’re executing on the technology and integrations required to solve real problems that I’ve experienced firsthand.

At Ocra, as head of revenue optimization, I play an instrumental role in creating and maximizing value for operators and owners.

I know from my experiences as an operator that every asset is unique in some way.

It’s my mission to get to know our partners’ assets from the inside out and use the data and tools in Ocra to create substantial and scalable revenue growth.

Being able to help spread a new way of thinking and guide our partners to the right solutions is such a unique opportunity.

Arriving at those solutions ultimately improves the experience that customers have within their communities, which is what the mobility industry is all about.

Want to connect with Corey?

You can find him on LinkedIn or at corey@getocra.com.

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