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Meagan McKinnon Joins Ocra as Director of Operations

We’re elated to announce the addition of Meagan McKinnon as Ocra’s Director of Operations!

Meagan’s career began in hospitality, from live event operations (including parking) to hotels, where she worked in food and beverage, managing functions like room service and restaurants.

In 2014, Meagan moved from her lifelong home of Florida to Chicago, IL and soon gave up the late night shifts for a role at ParkWhiz, a prominent aggregator that partners with Ocra today.

After 7+ years of building & scaling operations at ParkWhiz/Arrive, Meagan joins Ocra passionate to continue innovating and providing valuable technology to the parking industry. 

Adding with diverse talents and perspectives to our team is a high priority for us.

On top of enhancing the value that we provide for our partners, it broadens our own personal and professional perspectives, making us more empathetic, collaborative, creative, and openminded colleagues (and human beings!).

With the addition of Meagan, our partners will now experience the benefits of improved processes for data analytics and operations as well as greater accuracy in trends, rates, forecasting, and financials.

Welcome, Meagan! We’re couldn’t be more excited to have you on board.

You can learn more about Meagan & the rest of the team here.

Sarah Becherer

Sarah has 13+ years of experience in developing programming for demand generation, brand awareness, and customer acquisition for fast-growing B2B tech companies in a variety of industries including e-commerce, proptech, and mobility. Today, as Vice President of Growth at Ocra, she leads growth strategy and execution for showing (not just telling!) the outcomes of Ocra for parking operators and their technology partners. When she's not "parketing", Sarah likes to make pasta, study French, accumulate tattoos, and explore unfamiliar places.

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