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Living Our Values: How Ocra Leads with Integrity and Innovation

At Ocra, our core values are the foundation of how we build parking software and provide parking revenue management services to operators and asset owners.

Our values are informed by our most powerful asset: our people.

These shared guidelines:

  • Help us work better together
  • Act as best practices for managing relationships with clients and partners
  • Provide ways to measure and recognize achievements, talents, and successes within our organization

By authentically and actively living by our values, Ocra seeks to foster trust and a sense of purpose among our team and within the parking industry as a whole.

Ocra has 7 core values:

  1. Mean no offense; take no offense.
  2. Whenever in doubt, ask.
  3. Focus on being a profit center.
  4. Being correct is not being right.
  5. Go above and beyond.
  6. Dedication is an investment.
  7. Empathy through interaction.

VALUE #1: Mean no offense; take no offense.

At Ocra, we judge off of intent, not delivery. As a remote workplace, most of our communication occurs over Slack, so we created a remote work philosophy to facilitate everyone’s success. Clarity, brevity, kindness, and assuming positive intent help us do our best work together.

VALUE #2: Whenever in doubt, ask.

We raise our hands early and often to ask questions and request clarification, because assumptions break things! There are no stupid questions. That’s an age-old adage for a reason: because it’s true!

VALUE #3: Invest in being a profit center.

As a start-up, we have to be nimble and prepared to pivot in the best interests of our partners and the impact we have on solving problems in the marketplace.

With a wealth of talent, experiences, and perspectives of our team, we maintain that no one way of doing things is “better” or “worse”; instead, we conduct thoughtful cost/benefit analysis and invest our time and resources in expansion that benefits Ocra and, more importantly, all of the businesses we work with.

VALUE #4: Being correct is not being right.

It’s a universal truth: people do things for reasons. At Ocra, we treat decision-making as a dial, not a switch; we learn from our decisions and we give others the grace of doing the same.

VALUE #5: Go above & beyond.

Boundaries are healthy, and we encourage them. We also recognize that going the extra mile makes a huge difference. Over and over again, we see small efforts add up to big results.

VALUE #6: Dedication is an investment.

As we get where we want to be as a business, sometimes there are gaps that need to be filled – and we step in to fill them.

By devoting time and effort to moving the company forward, we’re investing in the future things we want to do for our partners, our industry, and ourselves.

VALUE #7: Empathy through interaction.

Above all, we are allies. We build empathy by engaging with a scenario and seeing things from others’ points of view. When we’re struggling to understand where someone is coming from, whether they’re a colleague or a partner, we step back and put ourselves in their position in order to learn.

Our values are not static; as we grow, they grow, too. But what always remains the same is our focus on people: our partners, our clients, and one another.

Ocra’s offering undergoes constant evolution but we’re able to remain reliable and steadfast partners and teammates due to having a set of principles we all operate by and believe in.

Through transparency and teamwork, we do our best, and we get 1% better every day!


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