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Introducing Ocra’s Parking Data Division & VP of Strategy & Analytics, Trae Wallace

Since Ocra’s inception, we’ve continually, rapidly, and thoughtfully engineered parking software that standardizes and centralizes demand channel (e.g., aggregator) management for parking operators and asset owners.

Ocra’s Parking Software Solutions (In a Nutshell)

The solutions in our parking software standardize data from disparate systems, centralize everyday rate and inventory management tasks, and surface data and reporting across the operator/asset owner’s entire online business, encompassing multiple demand channels.

Ocra’s software solutions include:

  • Rate Management (setting & changing rates for all aggregators, all in one place)
  • Universal Inventory (pooling inventory into one big “bucket” that all aggregators race to sell, as opposed to statically distributing chunks of inventory across channels)
  • Centralized Reporting (which surfaces insights like growth revenue per channel, revenue roll-up by vertical, reporting by payout date, occupancy heat map, and more)

Ocra makes it doable to manage multiple channels in the time it takes to manage one, taking as little as 20 minutes per day, including making micro-adjustments to rates & inventory based on performance.

This is accomplished sophisticated custom integrations that we build and maintain with our channel partners (ex. SpotHero, ParkWhiz, AirportParkingReservations, OnAir, and more).

And we always have new integrations and enhancements in the works!

The Evolution of Ocra’s Value: Software + Service

Over time, we’ve come to realize that Ocra’s value extends beyond massively increasing operational efficiency with our software solutions.

Our partners tell us that we’re valuable to them because:

  1. We build software and integrations that are difficult and costly to create and maintain.
  2. Our team has deep channel management and revenue management experience.
  3. The data, analytics, and reporting that our platform serves up would take hours and hour of manual analysis to derive – and it’s all in real time!

Continually hearing this feedback helped us realize something important:

Ocra is an efficiency tool, but not just an efficiency tool.

Our data, and our expertise in making that data actionable, creates win-win-win outcomes for our clients, our channel partners, and the industry as a whole.

We’re the eyes in the sky who work with boots on the ground – whether they’re operators, asset owners, or hotel managers – for 360-degree parking revenue management.

And now, we introduce our new data division to analyze and apply the unique data points in our platform, aggregated and standardized from siloed aggregators and demand channels, to significant revenue outcomes for operators.

The data in the Ocra platform, put into action, in true partnership.

And the proof is in the outcomes: one of our clients, a major hotel asset owner, generated $3.4M in gross sales & $2.5M in incremental NOI in partnership with Ocra in 2023!

Meet Trae Wallace, VP of Strategy & Analytics!

Heading up our new data division is Trae Wallace, VP of Strategy & Analytics!

Trae has spent his career using data to solve a variety of problems.

Before joining our engineering team in July 2022, Trae was Head of Data at Talus Analytics.

There, he worked on modeling, data visualization, and web development for clients focused on public health and natural disasters, including the CDC, NTI Bio, & Georgetown University.

Prior to that, Trae had a long stint consulting at Bain & Company, both before and after earning his MBA from MIT Sloan.

At Bain, he solved a variety of complex strategic problems for clients ranging in size from Fortune 50 to $100M in revenue on topics from strategic vision development to IT rationalization to private equity market diligence.

For two years now, Trae has been an indispensable member of our team and has been using his wide range of experiences and expertise to solve complex engineering challenges and accomplish integrations that power Ocra’s parking software platform.

Today, we’re excited and proud that Trae is driving deep data analysis and discovery to help our clients manage their online business and channel utilization strategy.

Connect with Trae on LinkedIn &/or send him an email to learn more!

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