Manage netPark rates & inventory in Ocra.

Ocra integrates with parking technology solutions like netPark to eliminate the ubiquitous problem of fragmentation in the parking industry.

Ocra + netPark Integration Highlights

Universal Inventory

Ocra makes all online inventory available to all demand channels so netPark and other channels can race to sell it.

Rate Management

Logging into Ocra replaces logging into multiple seller consoles, like the netPark Control Panel, to manage rates and inventory.

Centralized Reporting

View data standardized and aggregated from multiple channels – like growth revenue by channel, revenue roll-up by vertical, and an occupancy heat map.

What is ocra?

One platform for managing infinite demand channels

Ocra is for parking operators using multiple demand channels, such as netPark, to manage their ratesinventoryblackouts, and reporting across all channels within one central control panel.


Capturing online demand for parking

netPark has served the parking industry for 20+ years with robust parking technology solutions, including a consumer parking marketplace.

It processes an average of 23,000 tickets and more than 8,000 parking reservations daily, with more than $1B in payments processed to date. netPark is currently used in 100+ cities across the U.S. and Canada.

Universal inventory

Maximize demand channel performance

Ocra keeps all inventory in one “pool” that all channels, like netPark, can race to sell. When the space is sold, Ocra removes it from the pool.

This prevents oversolds and removes the revenue ceiling for high-performing channels. 

centralized reporting

Manage drive-up digital payments

See which channels are “winning”, which verticals are driving revenue, how much money you can expect to see in the bank each month, and so much more.


Why do parking operators use consumer parking marketplaces?

Consumer demand channels (or “aggregators”) like ParkWhiz spend millions of marketing dollars to get parking locations in front of customers who want to book online.

With Ocra, operators can scale with new demand channels without adding work, with immediate upside.

What other parking technologies does Ocra integrate with?

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