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[Harder Than It Looks Podcast] Driving Innovation: From Valet to Visionary in Parking Tech

In this episode of Harder Than It Looks, Ocra’s CEO & Co-Founder Ethan Glass sits down with Brian Wolff, CEO of Parker Technology!

Ethan and Brian discuss Ethan’s journey from parking cars to building the industry’s most robust centralized demand channel management platform for parking operators and owners.

Ethan shares the challenges around managing rates and inventory that he faced as a parking operator utilizing multiple aggregators to sell parking near the LA Coliseum and how these roadblocks led his team to build Ocra (“One-Click Rate Adjustment”) to grow at scale.

This episode also features Ethan’s father – Dan Glass, Managing Partner and Owner at Midwest Resource Group, a family-run business selling office and school supplies.

Ethan, inspired by his family’s people-focused business practices and focus on building true partnerships with 1+1=3 outcomes, left the North Shore of Chicago for Los Angeles to study film and media at Occidental College and join the entrepreneurship program.

It was in this program that he and his co-founder, Nate Dunning, identified a parking problem around the LA Coliseum. This marked the beginning of their journey into the industry.

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