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Ethan Glass, Ocra CEO, Featured on Founder Vision Podcast

In early 2020 – when parking activity for events, travel, and commuting screeched to a halt – the two options were to adapt or get left in the dust. For Ethan Glass & the Ocra team, it was an easy choice.

We pivoted from parking cars at the LA Coliseum to building the industry’s first centralized management platform for parking operators to open all lanes to revenue growth.

And today, we’re even more all-in than ever.

By massively reducing the amount of of time it takes for them to manage their current sales channels, and making it painless to scale with new ones, we enable parking operators and their technology partners to sell more spots without adding more work.

Tune into our Co-Founder & CEO’s convo with Brett Kistler, founder at Clearview, to get the full download.

Sarah Becherer

Sarah has 13+ years of experience in developing programming for demand generation, brand awareness, and customer acquisition for fast-growing B2B tech companies in a variety of industries including e-commerce, proptech, and mobility. Today, as Vice President of Growth at Ocra, she leads growth strategy and execution for showing (not just telling!) the outcomes of Ocra for parking operators and their technology partners. When she's not "parketing", Sarah likes to make pasta, study French, accumulate tattoos, and explore unfamiliar places.

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