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Chris Everton Promoted to Ocra’s Chief Operating Officer

In exciting Ocra leadership news, Chris Everton, formerly Vice President of Product & Partnerships, has been promoted to Chief Operating Officer!

In his new role, Chris oversees operations and product to help Ocra’s partners succeed in today’s expanding e-commerce marketplaces.

Over his 15+ years in parking, Chris is always thinking of solutions many say are too big or complicated and finding ways to simplify and implement.

He has experience in most areas of the industry, starting as a valet, to deploying proprietary software, managing multi-site operations, and building national growth partnerships.

Throughout his 13+ years at Towne Park, for 7+ of which he served as Director of Ecommerce, he helped power the growth of the company from 100 to over 1,100 locations and consistently exceeded company metrics in the realms of finance, sales & growth, client relations, & talent development.

We’d describe Chris as as results-driven, adaptable, empathetic, all-around parking powerhouse who puts people first.

He’s a true servant leader, tirelessly acting as a champion for his teammates as well as Ocra’s partners, through and through, day in and day out, from start to finish to beyond.

His ability to innovate and solve problems with technology – layered on top of his multi-faceted experience in so many different sectors of our industry – makes him the person you always want to have on your side.

“Two years ago, when Chris joined, he immediately showcased his passion by diving deep into every facet of our business. Exemplifying the true essence of servant leadership, Chris has been unwavering in raising his hand first – whether to a colleague, customer, industry peer, or partner. His promotion to COO isn’t just a recognition; it’s a testament to the invaluable leadership and value that he brings!”

Ethan Glass, CEO & Co-Founder, Ocra

Congrats, Chris, on the promotion! Couldn’t be more well-deserved.

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