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[Case Study] Operator Success With Optimized Product Structures

By implementing Ocra’s data-driven Optimized Product Structure at a key location, a leading national operator increased online revenue by 2x due to converting two new consumer segments: the “deal-sensitive” parker and the “last-minute” parker.

One of our partners, a leading national parking operator, is knocking it out of the park as we speak at a key location leveraging Ocra’s Optimized Product Structure.

To break it down, our massive unique data sets…

➡️ Enable operators to identify improved rate & duration structures…
➡️ For converting new customer segments and increasing per-space turnover…
➡️ That you can enact in a few clicks, across all channels, in the Ocra platform!

Check out the case study to learn how they saw results within the first 2 weeks like:

  • 103% increase in online revenue
  • Higher per-stall turnover
  • Shorter advanced booking window
  • New consumer segments converting at optimized rates
  • 4x increase in transaction volume

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