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[Case Study] Operator Success With Optimized Product Structures

By implementing Ocra’s data-driven Optimized Product Structure at a key location, a leading national operator increased online revenue by 2x due to converting two new consumer segments: the “deal-sensitive” parker and the “last-minute” parker.

One of our partners, a leading national parking operator, is knocking it out of the park as we speak at a key location leveraging Ocra’s Optimized Product Structure.

To break it down, our massive unique data sets…

➡️ Enable operators to identify improved rate & duration structures…
➡️ For converting new customer segments and increasing per-space turnover…
➡️ That you can enact in a few clicks, across all channels, in the Ocra platform!

Check out the case study to learn how they saw results within the first 2 weeks like:

  • 103% increase in online revenue
  • Higher per-stall turnover
  • Shorter advanced booking window
  • New consumer segments converting at optimized rates
  • 4x increase in transaction volume

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Sarah Becherer

Sarah has 13+ years of experience in developing programming for demand generation, brand awareness, and customer acquisition for fast-growing B2B tech companies in a variety of industries including e-commerce, proptech, and mobility. Today, as Vice President of Growth at Ocra, she leads growth strategy and execution for showing (not just telling!) the outcomes of Ocra for parking operators and their technology partners. When she's not "parketing", Sarah likes to make pasta, study French, accumulate tattoos, and explore unfamiliar places.

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