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Who We Are

Ocra is the parking industry’s first true centralized management platform.

Founded in 2018 as ParkPlace, Ocra pivoted from event parking operations to B2B SaaS solutions for parking operators in May 2020.

Ocra is a global team headquartered in Los Angeles.

What We Solve

There are mobile apps and websites that customers use to find and book parking ahead of time. In the parking industry, these are called “consumer demand channels”, “sales channels”, or “aggregators”, and examples include SpotHero, ParkWhiz, Airport Parking Reservations, Parkmobile, and more.

These channels often represent a significant revenue opportunity for companies that operate parking facilities (parking operators or asset owners) because they bring in new customers.

However, when a parking operator or asset owner starts using one of these consumer demand channels, it’s their responsibility to set inventory (how many spaces are available to customers through this channel) and rates (how much those spaces cost) for every location, and they need to log into the channel’s console in order to do so.

So, if you’re a parking operator using 5 different customer demand channels, either you or someone on your team needs to log into 5 different platforms to manage rates and availability for all of the inventory on all of those channels… every day.

At the end of the month, when it comes time to do your reporting, you have to export transaction data from all 5 of those platforms and manually reconcile it.

It’s an impossible task. You wish you had one place to log in to view and control rates, inventory, blackouts, and reporting for every location across your portfolio.

Enter Ocra.

How We Solve It

Our platform is the one single place for parking operators to log in to do all of their tasks.

We massively reduce the amount of time it takes them to manage their current customer demand channels (for example; SpotHero, ParkWhiz, etc.) and make it painless to scale with new ones so that they can sell more spots for higher yield.

The outcome is that for the same amount of time and work it takes to log into one single seller console, operators can widely distribute all of their available inventory across multiple channels to sell their spaces for what they’re worth and set rates based on trends that they’re seeing in real-time across their entire portfolio.

We accomplish this by building sophisticated custom integrations with consumer demand channels and other parking technologies so data can be standardized, centralized, and surfaced in one place for Ocra platform users.

What Makes Us Different

Ocra is for operators, by former operators.

We’re not just “tech bros” who barged into parking because we saw dollar signs. We know the hustle, we love the industry, and we’re working to solve problems that we’ve experienced firsthand as former operators.

We believe that a rising tide raises all ships, which is why it’s our mission to orchestrate the open flow of data within the industry.

As the industry’s only pure agnostic B2B SaaS platform, we’re uniquely positioned to be the “super-connector” between parking operators and technology partners to win-win-win outcomes.

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