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[All Things Parking Podcast] The Great Parking Integration Game: Ethan Glass & Ocra vs. the Industry

The All Things Parking With Dani & John podcast is your one-stop shop for insider news, discussions of best practices, and dissections of innovations within the parking industry.

Charismatic hosts and parking pros Dani Crain and John Conway set out to share everything you ever wanted to know about parking – in an informative, and hugely entertaining, way!

This episode of All Things Parking features Ocra’s CEO & Co-Founder, Ethan Glass.

Tune in to hear Dani, John, & Ethan tackle topics like:

Ocra in the context of the market

  • Parking management and the challenges of managing multiple disparate technologies
  • The need for a unified platform to manage inventory and maximize revenue led Dani and John to partner with Ethan and his team at Ocra

Data sharing and standardization

  • John’s frustration with the lack of data sharing in the parking industry
  • How integrating with other companies can be challenging, as there is a lack of open API infrastructure and an unwillingness to admit limitations
  • The challenges of integrating parking reservation systems with existing hotel systems

Entrepreneurship & company growth

  • Staying in one’s lane as an entrepreneur
  • The value of mentorship and dividing tasks to achieve growth
  • The flywheel effect of using information from outside the business to grow the business.
  • Setting realistic expectations for a parking startup’s growth

(Image credit: All Things Parking With Dani & John, LinkedIn, 4/11/24)

Ethan and his co-founder and Occidental College soccer teammate, Nate Dunning, started out as event parking operators serving the area around the Los Angeles Coliseum.

They started using online demand channels (e.g., aggregators like SpotHero, ParkWhiz, & more) to capture consumer demand.

The revenue impact of online bookings was powerful, but it didn’t take long before they began to experience the pain of managing rates and inventory across silo’d platforms.

Today, Ocra is creating the API layer of the parking industry, building sophisticated integrations that centralize and standardize data across systems.

Parking operators and owners use the Ocra centralized rate and inventory management platform to manage rates, inventory, and blackouts across infinite channels, all in one place.

The team continues to build more integrations and enhance the platform’s functionality.

Recent update: overhauling Centralized Reporting to surface insights – like growth revenue by channel, revenue roll-up by vertical, occupancy patterns, & new vs. returning customers – that operators and owners can use to understand and optimize channel performance.

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