about ocra

A rising tide lifts all ships.

Our team builds integrations and partnerships that create “1+1=3” outcomes and immediate uplift for all parties.

what we do

We're on a mission.

Ocra helps parking operators maximize yield of their assets by breaking down data silos and synchronizing their consumer demand channels. 

For operators, by former operators.

Our founders started their parking hustle in 2019 by parking cars around the Los Angeles Coliseum, capturing demand from the venue’s many events.

We experienced firsthand the challenges of staffing attendants, setting rates, managing inventory, and preventing slippage – plus all of the operational problems involved in using multiple demand channels.

When COVID-19 hit, we decided to pivot.

After conversations with 3,000 parking industry professionals, we built our modular, flexible B2B platform to eliminate data silos, defragment technologies, and address the pain points we’re all familiar with.

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