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7 Parking Industry Leaders We’re Excited To Share The Stage With At NPA 2023

The quality of the educational programming for National Parking Association Convention & Expo 2023 is off the charts this year.

Our team is already strategizing how to divide & conquer our attendance to absorb as much as we can to share with the rest of the Ocra crew.

When we’re not in the audience, we’ll be on the stage, lucky enough to be sharing it with some of the most innovative leaders we can think of.

In sessions, you can catch insights from three members of our executive team: Ethan Glass, CEO & Co-Founder; Chris Everton, Chief Operating Officer; and Sarah Becherer, VP of Marketing.

They’re excited to join 7 phenomenal industry leaders in conversations about:

  • Reinventing parking management in light of recent paradigm shifts and emerging tech
  • Generating revenue in the post-pandemic market of changing consumer behavior
  • Brand marketing strategies & tactics for operators that boost the bottom line

The conference is approaching on September 18–21 in New Orleans.

So, to prepare, we’ve been spending time with these leaders in our small groups to learn more about one another and the insights that each expert can uniquely deliver.

It’s been an incredibly enriching, informative, and fun experience so far, so we want to take a moment to highlight who we’re lucky enough to sit down with in sessions this year. Read on!

The New Normal: Generating Revenue in the Post-Pandemic Market

Tuesday 9/19 @ 9:00–9:45 AM CT

Chris is kicking off the day in a roundtable with Dani Crain and Shaun Kirby of Edison ParkFast, two leading authorities on parking demand trends and asset utilization, to address the ultimate question:

With the behavior of consumers continuing to shift post-pandemic, how do we capture them to maximize opportunities for all players in the space?

They’ll explore use cases for a wide variety of parking verticals, including commuter and transient, events, hospitality, and airport, sharing data on customer behavior and unpacking trends.

  • Shaun Kirby – President @ Edison ParkFast, experienced executive operations leader with a demonstrated history of success in the parking, real estate, & hospitality industries
  • Dani Crain – Director, Implementation, Parking & Mobility @ Oak View Group, industry heavyweight with a killer one-two punch in operations + parking technology

Reinventing Parking Management

Wednesday, 9/20 @ 2:00–2:45 PM CT

The next day, Ethan will join three of the industry’s most visionary execs and founders to unpack the impact of the monumental paradigm shifts occurring in parking today.

These leaders will share how they’re reinventing enterprise management, operators, and customer service to accelerate parking’s evolution from an analog service industry to a digital technology business.

  • Ben Montgomery – President, Premium Parking, parking industry visionary leading the strategic development and utilization of cutting-edge technologies to grow revenue
  • Alex Israel – CEO & Co-Founder, Metropolis, mobility entrepreneur, investor & advisor developing advanced computer vision and machine learning technology that makes mobile commerce remarkable
  • Jonathon Barkl – CEO & Co-Founder, AirGarage, innovative operator upleveling the utilization and monetization of parking assets to support an on-demand, connected urban future

Cracking the Branding Nut: Tactics for Developing a Killer Brand

Wednesday, 9/20 @ 2:00–2:45 PM CT

Also on Wednesday afternoon, you can join “park”eting experts including Sarah Becherer, our VP of Marketing, to answer this pressing question: do operators actually need a distinct brand?

Spoiler alert: YES! Brand, defined as is the summary of all of an individual’s interactions with your company, is critical to pipeline generation, reputation building, and business growth.

Join them in unpacking the critical role of brand in parking as a “relationship-driven” industry and learn which marketing channels to activate based on audience.

  • Heidi Barber – Vice President, Marketing @ Parker Technology, next-level B2B marketing leader accelerating growth and partnerships with creative, engaging, & effective programming
  • RJ Juliano – Chief Information Officer & Chief Marketing Officer, Parkway, highly strategic, empathetic revenue leader who creates environments where people enjoy working and customers and partners want to do business

If you’re not yet registered for NPA 2023 in New Orleans from September 18-21, sign up ASAP!

We’ll share some more exciting news soon about what our team’s up to at NPA 2023.

If you’ll be there and would like to meet up, you can reach Ethan, Chris, Sarah, and the rest of the conference crew here: info@getocra.com. Looking forward to it!

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