Open all lanes to revenue growth.

Ocra massively reduces how much time it takes for parking operators to manage their current customer demand channels and makes it painless to scale with new ones.

Do it all in one click.

Our centralized management platform lets parking operators sell more spots at higher yield.

Universal Inventory

Pool all of your inventory across infinite channels without the risk of overselling.

Blackout Control

Instantly flip locations and products on and off, individually or in bulk.

Rate Management

Configure rates across all customer demand channels with just one click.

Consolidated Reporting

Get an instantaneous view of transaction data across all of your demand channels.

Advanced Permissioning

Customize user access down to the location level and set read & write permissions.

Consultation & Support

We put a lot of effort into delivering the right solution. No ask is too crazy. Try us.

See what life looks like before & after Ocra.

Manage everything in one platform.

Before Ocra, adding a new customer demand channel meant logging into yet another seller console every day to manage rates and inventory.

With Ocra, it’s one and done. Sign in to one single platform to adjust rates and availability across all of your channels. 

Manage everything in one click in the Ocra centralized management platform

Get unlimited seats for no extra cost.

Leverage the most granular permissioning in the industry today to give everyone in your organization the right level of access.

Customize user access on the location level or user level, and set read and write permissions for all features.

Consolidate & automate reporting.

Log in to Ocra for one source of truth for transaction activity across all customer demand channels.

Customize. Automate. Segment. Create online reports for stakeholders and send a link. 

And most importantly, get hours of your life back. 

Pool your inventory.

Instead of statically dividing up your inventory between customer demand channels, put them all in the Ocra pool and set your rates.

The channels that perform best will sell your spots for what they’re worth.


Amplify your partnerships.

Ocra instantly unlocks more opportunity for companies that drive parking customer demand.

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