Centralized channel management for parking operators & asset owners.

Operators and asset owners maximize yield of their parking assets by managing all of their consumer demand channels with Ocra.

Better processes, higher yield.

Ocra is the one place to log in to manage infinite consumer demand channels.

Universal Inventory

Pool inventory across infinite channels without the risk of overselling.

Blackout Control

Centrally control location availability across multiple demand channels.

Rate Management

Configure rates across all consumer demand channels with just one click.

Centralized Reporting

Get instantaneous real-time reporting that includes every demand channel.

Advanced Permissioning

Customize access down to the location level and set read & write permissions.

Unlimited Users

Add users at no extra cost. As you grow, Ocra grows along with you.


Parking operators see results with Ocra.

With Ocra’s Optimized Product Structures, a leading national operator saw huge results within two weeks, including:

  • 103% increase in online revenue
  • Higher per-space turnover
  • Shorter advanced booking window
  • 2 new consumer segments converting at optimized rates
  • 4x increase in reservation volume

Centrally manage rates & inventory.

Before Ocra, adding a new consumer demand channel meant the making time to log into yet another seller console every day.

With Ocra, it’s one and done – in just 20 minutes per day.

Operators sign in to they set pricing and inventory for all channels and make micro-adjustments throughout the day.

Let the channels compete.

Instead of divvying inventory up by channel, operators using Ocra pool their spaces in one “bucket” for all channels to access.

High-performing channels don’t hit a revenue ceiling, and lower-performing channels aren’t saddled with excess inventory.

When a spot sells through one channel, Ocra automatically removes it from the others.

Standardize data & desilo systems.

Surfaced without context, data is just a string of 1’s and 0’s.

Ocra tackles the fragmentation problem by building complex custom integrations with demand channels.

By standardizing how the channels name and refer to their data points, we make all technologies speak the same language.

Set access by user and location.

Leverage the most granular permissioning in the industry today to give everyone in your organization the right level of access.

Customize access on the location level or user level, and set read and write permissions for all features.

Consolidate & automate reporting.

Pulling multiple reports and reconciling them at the end of the month is time-consuming and painful. 

Operators can quickly view crucial data (like advanced booking window, average length of stay, average transaction value, etc.) both holistically and per channel. 

And we send an email every morning with all the good stuff!


Access 100% of available inventory.

Ocra removes the revenue ceiling for companies that drive consumer demand for parking.

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